Hi there, I'm Jon

I'm Jon - an experienced national security professional and business leader, usually splitting time between Dubai, UAE and San Diego, California.In my work with the government, I was most recently posted to the Middle East. During my service, I worked and traveled around the world on behalf of the US Government.I also collaborated closely with local and regional allies to develop and implement non-proliferation and counterterrorism strategies.Since leaving the government, I have launched several businesses, sold three, and acquired many others.I'm obsessed with "Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition," unlocking value in old-school businesses through systemization and leveraging high-quality overseas talent.

Buying, Growing, and Managing

I like starting, buying & growing small businesses. My favorites are those that make money. My least favorites are those that don't.

My Holy Trinity

I like businesses that involve - "Old School" industries, Global Talent, and AI + Tech.

High Quality Overseas Talent

Employees are the cause, and the solution to most small business problems. I've spent millions of dollars & hired hundreds of staff to help grow my businesses. I enjoy helping people do the same.

A Few Podcasts I've Been On

Let's Work Together